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Join Esther Swift for a musical performance at the Eastgate Theatre and explore the powerful way a call communicates a desire to connect with someone or something. 

Based on a previous outdoor performance that included improvisation
and semaphore, Esther and local musicians will create a sound world
that reflects the sounds of Peebles, its music and its surroundings. 


Saturday 26th August  2.30pm
Eastgate Theatre, Peebles


01721 725 777

What to take part in the performance? 

Email: for more information



In March 2021, musician and composer Esther Swift presented The Call – a stunning outdoor performance that saw a group of musicians gather (socially distanced) to perform a piece composed by Esther, conducted using handmade flags. This was an epic performance from a very special location somewhere in Edinburgh.


“During lockdown, as I reflected on my life as a musician, I gained a new perspective on the importance of rituals, of creativity through connection, of the context of sound in a community, and of the benefits of social music making. I have been lucky enough to connect with people around the world through music alone; when I have not spoken their language, or even shared an understanding of reading music, I have still developed a deep and meaningful relationship with them based on listening and responding. A “Call” is a powerful way to demonstrate a desire to connect with someone or something, and is as communicative when it’s a baby crying, as when it’s an alphorn on the top of a Swiss mountain. 


“So…through a commission from Hidden Door Festival I created an outdoor piece which includes improvisation and semaphore. It is for any number of musicians, of any levels, ages and abilities.


This score is an open letter to the world of music that can be passed around and shared on both large and small scales by all. The piece concludes with a summary of its conception.”

This project has informed the workshops and event taking place at the Eastgate

this summer. 

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